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UNIFI shares insights regarding O4V’s advancements

Por |2023-01-31T10:37:20+00:00enero 31st, 2023|News, Project activity|

The pharmaceutical technique research group of University of Florence (UNIFI) developed different nanocarriers (microemulsions, solid dispersions and polymeric micelles) to enhance solubility, permeability and pharmaceutical properties of oleanolic acid (OA), a triterpene enriched extract (TTPs ext) and an oleuropein extract (OLE) (Figure 1). All these formulations were tested in terms of water solubility, storage

Meet the Model2Bio project!

Por |2023-01-13T10:37:04+00:00enero 12th, 2023|EU Projects network|

A new EU project, Model2Bio, is set to develop a pioneering tool to predicts bio-based residual streams generated in the agri-food industry and to identify best routes for reusing this waste. The tool will be tested and validated for sectors such as meat, vegetables, dairy and alcoholic beverages in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Greece.

ARQUEBIO: Biotransformation of Oleanolic Acid by Absidia Cylindrospora

Por |2022-12-28T16:45:16+00:00diciembre 28th, 2022|Project activity|

In Arquebio, we’ve been testing different strains of fungi for their innate ability to produce valuable derivatives of oleanolic acid. Fungi possess a unique ability to generate hydroxylated derivatives of triterpene-related molecules, among other interesting interactions. Recently, we discovered that the fungi Absidia cylindrospora transforms oleanolic acid into a variety of unidentified compounds, some

World Olive Tree Day 2022: Olive harvesting in Slovenia

Por |2022-11-28T15:02:09+00:00noviembre 28th, 2022|News|

The past few months saw the annual olive harvesting spree. The endeavour starts at slow pace only to quickly escalate into a frenzy of overburdened farmers who generally call upon the strength of the whole family to get the job done. Most employ every possible hand at their disposal which means that many will concentrate

Happy World Olive Tree Day! | OLEAF4VALUE celebrates half project results with a press release

Por |2022-11-28T13:14:23+00:00noviembre 25th, 2022|News, Press Release, Project activity|

Halfway through OLEAF4VALUE: from the valorisation of olive leaves to the exploitation of high value-added biobased products OLEAF4VALUE is a BBI-JU, H2020-funded EU project that aims to extend the useful life of olive leaves, solving the problem of their removal from the fields while obtaining high added-value bioactive products with high-market potential. The project will

Fractionation of Secoiridoids, Flavonoids and Triterpenoids in Olive Leaf Extracts with Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

Por |2022-11-28T14:50:28+00:00noviembre 25th, 2022|News, Project activity|

IPB group has developed different Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) to aid with the production of tailor made bioproducts from diverse olive leaf extracts. The IPB work comprise the design, synthesis, characterization and testing of MIPs to target secoiridoids, triterpenic acids, flavonoids and lignans. The developed MIP particles were tested with the processing of different kinds

#PartnerFeature: CENER BIO2C | Circular Bioeconomy Strategy

Por |2022-11-02T09:34:57+00:00octubre 24th, 2022|News, Project activity|

The Biomass Area of CENER (National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain) is convinced of the need to move towards a circular bioeconomy, in which the society is capable of valorising the wastes produced in an integral and cascade mode. On that regard, CENER is running its Biorefinery and Bioenergy Centre (BIO2C), semi-industrial pilot scale test

OLEAF4VALUE: 12 September 2022 Gramona Farm visit

Por |2022-09-27T15:51:41+00:00septiembre 26th, 2022|Project activity|

Written by Albert Kravos, InnoRenew CoE Located in the Istrian region of Slovenia is nestled a farm enveloped in nature, here an olive orchard dwells in a land treated with respect and the faith that organic practices can and will return agriculture to a more sustainable, healthy, and productive way of living,

#OLEAF4VALUE celebrates #WorldAgricultureDay 2022!

Por |2022-09-09T07:31:25+00:00septiembre 8th, 2022|News|

Did you know that Agriculture provides most of the world's food and fabrics? Most of us are familiar with the term "Agriculture", however, do we actually know how meaningful its significance is? Are we actually aware of how important this term can be to our daily living? According to World Bank

Ingecor: olive leaf collecting & analysing of samples!

Por |2022-08-29T08:29:08+00:00agosto 29th, 2022|News, Project activity|

About Ingecor Founded in 2006, has its origins in the agroforestry management of the land. Ingecor's founding team has more than 15 years of experience in the forestry and agricultural sector. Its principal activity is this moment is management, storage and logistics of biomass for supply to electric power production plant.

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