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Meet the BioReCer project!

Por |2023-09-22T12:33:27+00:00septiembre 22nd, 2023|EU Projects network|

BioReCer aims to ensure the environmental performance and traceability of the biological feedstock used by the bio-based industries, deploying guidelines to strengthen the current certification schemes. Within this approach, the added value, the use, as well as social acceptance of bioproducts will be increased. To fulfil this goal, BioReCer is structured in three main technological

Meet the BIOVEXO project!

Por |2023-09-12T11:10:39+00:00septiembre 12th, 2023|EU Projects network|

Threat of Xylella Fastidiosa Xylella fastidiosa is a bacterial plant pathogen transmitted by xylem fluid-feeding insects, specifically the spittlebug (Philaenus spumarius). The bacterium colonizes the xylem vessels of the plant, blocking the uptake of the nutrients and water essential for plant health. Once this happens, severe symptoms of Xylella become apparent. As there is currently

Meet the GEN4OLIVE project!

Por |2023-03-28T07:57:35+00:00marzo 24th, 2023|EU Projects network|

Problems related to biodiversity loss are seriously affecting the olive sector, one of the most important cultivars from a cultural and economic point of view. Emerging diseases and climate change effects daily threaten this sector. The last dry seasons have caused the decrease of olive oil production up to 57 %. The genetic erosion

Meet the Model2Bio project!

Por |2023-03-24T09:28:54+00:00enero 12th, 2023|EU Projects network|

A new EU project, Model2Bio, is set to develop a pioneering tool to predicts bio-based residual streams generated in the agri-food industry and to identify best routes for reusing this waste. The tool will be tested and validated for sectors such as meat, vegetables, dairy and alcoholic beverages in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Greece.

OLEAF4VALUE launches new collaboration strategy with LIFE COMPOLIVE

Por |2022-08-23T16:12:59+00:00agosto 23rd, 2022|EU Projects network|

LIFE Comp0live project aims to valorise this by-product to convert it into a raw material on the market and also reduce CO2 emissions caused by practices such as the burning of prunings, which is still carried out today. One of the most significant advances presented is that, when this olive pruning fibre,

OLEAF4VALUE launches collaborative activities with F-CUBED!

Por |2022-08-01T09:52:28+00:00junio 29th, 2022|EU Projects network|

F-CUBED is a three-year project that started on May 1st 2020 and aims to develop an advanced process concept for the hydrothermal conversion of a broad range of biogenic residues to intermediate bioenergy carriers with fuel characteristics, suitable for balancing the power grid. The F-CUBED approach enables overall validation of a feedstock flexible

OLEAF4VALUE partners with H2020 BBIJU sister project PHENOLEXA

Por |2022-08-01T09:44:06+00:00abril 28th, 2022|EU Projects network|

The OLEAF4VALUE project will hold an intensive exchange with H2020 BBIJU sister project PHENOLEXA! Both projects plan to behold joint activities throughout each project's timeline. “In the pursuit of a circular economy, it is important to identify and use feed stocks to their maximum potential and value” In Europe’s agricultural sector half

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