The Rising Influence of Oleuropein: Exploring Its Benefits in Today’s Market

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In the world of natural compounds and health-boosting elements, few have garnered as much attention and scientific interest as oleuropein. Derived from the olive tree (Olea europaea), this powerful polyphenol has been at the center of numerous studies, unveiling many potential health benefits that have captured the attention of both researchers and consumers alike.

Revolutionising the Olive Industry: OLEAF4VALUE Unveils Market-Ready, Bio-Based Products from Olive Leaf Valorisation

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Olive leaves have been underutilized primarily due to limited awareness of their health benefits, overshadowed by the popularity of olives and olive oil in culinary traditions. There are many challenges in processing techniques, regulatory constraints, and limited research development and consumer awareness which also contribute to their infrautilization. In this article, we would like

Investigating the Market Opportunities Available to the OLEAF4VALUE Project

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NNFCC are leading Work Package 6 (WP6), which intends to “pave the way towards market launching”. This work package aims to identify sustainable new value chains, develop novel business models, and build investment business cases in readiness for the deployment of OLEAF4VALUE products in markets and applications downstream. One of the primary objectives of this

Unraveling the Potential of Olive Tree Leaves in Boosting Salmon Health

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In a groundbreaking stride towards sustainable aquaculture practices, the OleaF4value project has embarked on its main salmon trial at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR). With invaluable contributions from Mowi Feed, the project aims to shed light on the potential benefits of utilizing phytoactive components sourced from olive tree leaves in enhancing the immune system

Life Cycle Assessment: O4V Valorisation Routes

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) measures the environmental impact of a process, product, or service. With the information obtained from the LCA, it is possible to identify areas of opportunity where the process, product or service can be improved, not only reducing the negative environmental impact but also finding gaps where resources are being wasted

OLEAF4VALUE in the clustering day «Promotion of the Andalusian bioeconomy through European projects»

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On Wednesday July 5th, OLEAF4VALUE was among the projects presented at the clustering conference "Promotion of the Andalusian bioeconomy through European projects" organised by the Andalusian Technological Corporation. The aim of this event held at the Andalusia Technology Park (Malaga) was to serve as a meeting point to connect different European projects with Andalusian

OLEAF4VALUE partners: meet IMR!

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At the Institute of Marine Research, experts in nutrition and fish health are investigating whether extracts from olive leaves can modulate resilience to viral diseases. The hypothesis is that by including olive leaf extracts in the salmon diet, the fish become less sick when infected with a virus. Finding ways that can contribute to

UNIFI shares insights regarding O4V’s advancements

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The pharmaceutical technique research group of University of Florence (UNIFI) developed different nanocarriers (microemulsions, solid dispersions and polymeric micelles) to enhance solubility, permeability and pharmaceutical properties of oleanolic acid (OA), a triterpene enriched extract (TTPs ext) and an oleuropein extract (OLE) (Figure 1). All these formulations were tested in terms of water solubility, storage

World Olive Tree Day 2022: Olive harvesting in Slovenia

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The past few months saw the annual olive harvesting spree. The endeavour starts at slow pace only to quickly escalate into a frenzy of overburdened farmers who generally call upon the strength of the whole family to get the job done. Most employ every possible hand at their disposal which means that many will concentrate

Happy World Olive Tree Day! | OLEAF4VALUE celebrates half project results with a press release

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Halfway through OLEAF4VALUE: from the valorisation of olive leaves to the exploitation of high value-added biobased products OLEAF4VALUE is a BBI-JU, H2020-funded EU project that aims to extend the useful life of olive leaves, solving the problem of their removal from the fields while obtaining high added-value bioactive products with high-market potential. The project will

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