Producing novel non-plant biomass feedstocks and bio-based products through upcycling and the cascading use of brewery side-streams.

The CHEERS project aims to revalorise under-utilised or waste by-streams from the brewing industry for subsequent conversion into five high value-added industrial bio-products through a biorefinery approach.

The initiative proposes to achieve a reduction in the resource use and environmental impact of the beer production chain and aims to cover wider impacts on biodiversity and agricultural land use.

CHEERS offers a modular solution where bio-based industries can configure their optimal combination by selecting from 5 novel biotechnological routes that generate 5 bioproducts for industrial applications, with attractive market opportunities: insect protein, disinfectant, microbial protein, ectoine and caproic acid.

All CHEERS value chains are based on new bioprocesses and innovative biofermenters combined with sustainable transformation processes, which will be validated at a demonstration scale in an industrial brewery. Ultimately, each value chain will achieve a minimum 45% reduction of the carbon footprint.

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