On Wednesday July 5th, OLEAF4VALUE was among the projects presented at the clustering conference «Promotion of the Andalusian bioeconomy through European projects» organised by the Andalusian Technological Corporation.

The aim of this event held at the Andalusia Technology Park (Malaga) was to serve as a meeting point to connect different European projects with Andalusian partners and based their activity on the bioeconomy and the valorisation of biomass from the agri-food, energy or biotechnology sectors.

The event allowed the different speakers to publicly present the European projects in which they are involved, share their experiences and best practices and find solutions and common interests among them. In addition, the two networking spaces offered at the CTA facilities allowed the different participating companies and public entities to make contact with each other in order to explore new collaborations.

The event was organised in the framework of the SCALE-UP and BIOTRANSFORM projects, focused on boosting the bioeconomy in the Andalusian region.