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MLU is screening the bioactivity of olive leaf extracts using a small model organism

The MLU uses the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans (figure 1) as a simple and well-established model organism to analyze the bioactivity of olive leaf extracts. The different extracts generated in the OLEAF4VALUE project (figure 2) have to be

NIZO: progress update on the health benefit substantiation of olive leaf extracts

At NIZO we have been working on the optimization of our in vitro technologies for the assessment of potential health benefits of plant extracts. In parallel, a small number of olive leaf extracts and pure polyphenols have already been

UNIFI shares insights regarding O4V’s advancements

The pharmaceutical technique research group of University of Florence (UNIFI) developed different nanocarriers (microemulsions, solid dispersions and polymeric micelles) to enhance solubility, permeability and pharmaceutical properties of oleanolic acid (OA), a triterpene enriched extract (TTPs ext) and an oleuropein

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