Work Plan

Making the project real

This is how we structure the work of the project

Smart supply chain development: from an underexploited biomass to a standardised starting material


This WP will study the influence of the agronomic factors and pre-treatments on the phytochemical composition of the olive leaf. The WP will define the desired Suitability Parameters of the olive leaf biomass in relation to the downstream processing in each and every cascade valorisation route that will be defined in WP2. This WP will also develop a Real Time Suitability Sensor able to quantify in real time the Suitability Parameters of the biomass. Based on these values, the Biomass Suitability Index will be determined for each of the valorisation routes in the biorefinery.

Multi valorisation route: from a standardised starting material to added value fractions and bioproducts


WP2 will develop the Smart Dynamic Multi-Valorisation-Route Biorefinery through an approximation of the multi-valorisation route design. It will combine innovative green extraction technologies and more traditional techniques with the purpose of obtaining extracts and purified fractions. A Smart Optimization Tool (SOT4.0) will be developed.

Post-extraction technologies: From extracted fractions to high added value tailor made bioproducts


This WP includes post-extraction technologies essentially focused on three aspects:

  1. Enzymatic biotransformation; 
  2. Molecularly Imprinted Polymers;
  3. and Nanoparticle formulations.

Towards market applications


The WP will focus on carrying out the required research of applications of the bioproducts obtained in WP2 and WP3 in the target markets: food, feed, performance chemicals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical industry.

OLEAF4VALUE impact assessment, regulatory & consumer considerations


Wp5 will be dedicated to the assessment of global sustainability (LCA, S-LCA, LCC), as well as to study the socio-economic repercussions, consumer health and safety while making a deep analysis of social perception towards the market uptake of the developed solutions. Regulatory assessment and monitoring will also be included in this WP since the beginning of the project.

Paving the way towards market launching


WP6 will develop the exploitation strategy, including market analysis and competitive watch, business case development (business model canvas methodology), IPR and data management, FTO follow-up, primary producers and stakeholder engagement and standardization.

Dissemination and communication


This WP will dedicate special efforts to maximize the impact of the project by defining a strategic dissemination and communication plan that stimulate the acceptance of the project concept.

WP8 Project management


This WP defines the role of the coordinator during the project execution.

Our project partners

OLEAF4VALUE counts with 16 project partners from 9 EU countries